When I woke up, the sound of water came from the bathroom. He was in the shower. I stretched lazily and  took the time to look around in his loft from the warm comfort of his bed. Last night we both were not really in the mood for a grand tour of MA’s apartment. We came back late from our date, and had other things in mind than that.
The loft breathed masculinity, I can’t describe it any other way.  Sparse on furniture, but what was in there was beautiful. From the soft leather of the sofa and the chairs, to the Egyptian cotton sheets in was laying under.

When he came out of the shower with his hair still messy and a towel loosely wrapped around his hips, he smiled as he saw I was awake. “Good morning sunshine, let me take a look at you in the morning light”. He gave me one of his bright smiles that make me melt and I crawled out from under the covers. Instinctively I caught the piece of fabric he tossed at me and I giggled as I noticed it was a silk blindfold. “WTF?”
He looked down at me from the other side of the bed, and softly asked me if I would be willing to wear that for him. “Pose for me, I want to capture that voluptuous body of yours without being distracted by those gorgeous eyes”  and with that he bent over and kissed me in a way that made it impossible for me to refuse anything he’d ask from me. Mhmm… I’m such a sucker for convincing men.

It felt odd, and sexy to pose like that for him. Not being able to see him, just hearing the clicking of the camera, and his directions to move a little to the left, or to put my chin up a wee bit, but having no idea how he was photographing me. It was fun, and sensual, and we pretty much ended up spending the rest of the day back in bed until, both hungry for food instead of each other, we got dressed and went out to get some.

♥, Jinx

PS: these are some of the more decent pics he took. After all, while NSFW, we wouldn’t want to make this blog too XXX, right?

Skin and elf ears by Illusory
Tattoo by HUZ Tats, Mahuika faded
Hair by Truth, Courtney
Blindfold by Illusions
Poses by Diesel Works, Cyn set
Sky box & Furniture by NotSoBad


I hate dates. No, seriously, I do.

Or maybe I should say, I hate preparing for dates. It takes so much time. Sitting in front of your closet, trying to decide what to wear, or worse, having to go shopping because you KNOW nothing in your wardrobe will be good enough for that night. And what for? To end up in his apartment and getting undressed anyway? Seriously, I wish we could just forget about dressing.  It’s not that he hasn’t seen me naked yet, or more… I don’t need to be unwrapped like a gift.

On the other hand, I’d die before going out naked. Unlike some around here, I’m not an overt exhibitionist. While the idea of being seen while making out or having sex can be very alluring, I am not provocative and showing myself off all over the place. So  I select my clothes with care. Beautiful stockings, a silky satin garter belt and a corset dress that shows off my curves in the best possible way. I decide to skip the lingerie today, since the dress is kinda providing for that already, and I love the mischievous look on his face when, at supper, he will slide his hand under the table and  up my thigh to discover that  there are no knickers.

So yeah, I’m dressing up like a woman, Even if it is just to make him want to rip said clothes off of me at the first chance he gets so he’ll have the girl in his arms again. I’m looking forward to dessert.

♥, Jinx

Skin by Illusory, Faith
Ears by Illusory, elven 1a
Tattoo by Dread, Old School 3
Hair by Exile, Rayna in Harlow
Dress by ICING, Lorelei (including garter and stockings)
Feet by SLink, Jolie pieds medium
Shoes by Shiny Things, Delphine navy
Build by Nordari, Min.Poegin
Bed by M.Fox (no longer available)
Room divider and stool by What Next, Vintage Dressing Screen & Stool

I got this offline from a reader [01/04 05:52] Xxxx Xxxxxx: Dear Jinx, would you do do a post showing us the most essential you? I’m enjoying SLuicide Girls a lot. Thanks to all of you awesome girls for standing out.

Well my dear, how can I refuse such a polite request. And I’m sure you’d expected some raunchy post about my deepest sexual desires, But when I think what 0r who,  is REALLY me, I mean, aside from the frills and the girly stuff and my weakness for strong, demanding men… I think the quintessential Jinx is craving knowledge. I want to know how things work, I need to understand how things relate, how people relate.  Ever since I learned how to read, and I was an early one, I could read some words and write my name at 4 years old, I have read everything and anything. From the label on the marmalade jar, to my dad’s philosophy books and the information included with my mother’s medication. It was a perfect way to not be noticed, and to impress my relatives with how smart that child was.

Well… I don’t mind being noticed much anymore, but what I still need is to read. I love a comfortable life, however, I don’t need it. But take my books away from me and I crumble. So when I was decorating my new house (and yes, I do that in my knickers. I hate stuff that sits tight around me when I am rummaging in the privacy of my home) , as soon as I put the first books on some of the many shelves, I got lost in Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus, and lost track of time. Her writings are such a thrill, even in 2011. Ah, home sweet home. This is Jinx.

♥ Jinx

Skin by Illusory: Paige
Hair by Truth: Mariska
Ears by Illusory: Elven Ear a1
Glasses by Homespun: Hornrimmed glasses (The pick in Posy Trudeau’s profile is void. I don’t know if Homespun is open atm)
Tattoo by Carmilla Mirabeau: Asian Tattoo (I don’t think it’s available anymore. I bought it back in 2007, I think)
Piercings by HOD: Lust Nipple Rings
Socks by Maitreya: Scrunched Prim socks
House by FunkyJunk: Starlight
Book stool with poses by What Next

O dear… I told you about Mr. Madly Attractive (MA),  right? Well, I suppose my friend the manager likes him as much as I do. When I finally got back into the locker room I found this polaroid between my things. She’s such a nasty little peeping Tom!!!  I’m not ready to give up on him, though. I had way too much fun, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll consider sharing. That is, if MA is into it. He is not someone I’d like to surprise that way. Could be dangerous for me.

You really want credits here? Well… I’m wearing nothing, nor is he :-p

Straight after a busy day of work I went to the gym where one of my friends is the manager. Usually it’s quiet there at that time of day. Most people go home first for some supper before they go for a workout. Not me. If I go home first, I stay home… So after a warming up I was pushing some weights in an empty gym and as I paused in between 2 sets, Mr. Madly Attractive was standing right next to me. I call him that way because… well, he is madly attractive. “Tired?” he asked. “hmm.. no” I said, trying to ignore the slight twitching of my pecs and biceps. “15 more, I’ll help” he said, with a schmuck smile on his face and while I had been thinking that the 3 sets I had done were actually enough, I just couldn’t say no.

Half way through the set, I could not ignore the burn in my muscles anymore, and whimpered. He helped me lift the weight of me and teased “we’re not giving up now, are we?” The slight condescending tone of his voice made my throat dry but luckily he couldn’t see me blush, since my head was red with exertion anyway, but geez… the bloke turned me on! “6… 5… 4… 3… 2…, 1 more… there… that’s it… good girl!” and with that he put the weight back on the standard and helped me up from the bench and we went on the the next appliance and he kept coaching and pushing me, occasionally lightly touching my leg or shoulder, as if he didn’t even notice. I did… very much so.

When I finally finished my workout, he firmly rubbed my shoulders, grinned and said “now that’s how you should work out.. not the half work I see you doing normally” He had been watching me before. Wow. I just looked at him and smiled meekly. “How about taking a shower and meet me in the sauna after that so you can relax those sore muscles?” he asked and with that he turned me around and sent me off to the locker room with a playful swat on my bum. So that’s where I am now, getting undressed to shower and then off for a sauna… where I totally plan on wearing him out.

♥ Jinx

Skin: Illusory Paige Winter
Hair: Truth Emily
Ears: Slink Sachara
Tattoo: HUZ Tats, Love Luck
Shorts: DeeTalez sportscollection
Socks: Mischief (not available anymore)
Cords: Illusions
Locker room prop: Click
Pose: Del May… I think… I’ll try to be less, uhm, distracted next time