When I Can’t Sleep

At nights like that, no matter how tired I am, or how hard I try, I just can’t sleep. It feels like there is a storm raging in my head. Too many thoughts that I just can’t get to shut up. I eventually will get up and wander through my silent and dark apartment. I will stop in the kitchen, hesitating in front of the fridge, debating with myself to take a glass of milk and attack the cookie jar… but then I look at my hips, and  again, I win this little fight with myself and do NOT give in to a nocturnal binge.

At nights like that, there really is only one thing that eventually will lull my thoughts and give me peace to sleep. No, it’s not the strong arms of my lover, our kisses and passionate lovemaking.

At nights like that I unpack that amazing instrument from it’s case  and admire the look and feel of it in the moonlight. I smile, thinking about what is about to happen. I light a candle before I sit down on the simple wooden chair in my study room and lean back, while I prepare and spread my legs. I  find peace from the instrument that is carefully placed between them, the smooth, polished surface cool against my hot skin. I place my fingers, take the bow in my other hand and quiver as I hear the softest yearning sound  when I brush the strings on the neck of my beloved. He has missed me, too. I take a deep breath, and I start to play Bach’s cello sonata no. 1.

Skin Gaia natural by PXL Creations
Hair Season blonde 04 by Elikatira (no longer available)
Ears Elven a1 by Illusory
Eyes silver & green by Fashism
Tattoo Por la Vida by HUZ Tattoos (available soon)
Feet Jolie Pied by Slink
Skybox The Very First Flat by Clutter by Flutter
Chair wood by Rez (no longer available)
Cello by Sakoto Intrsuments
Candle by Alchemy Immortalis
Pose photo 1 by Agapee
Pose photo 2 included in cello


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