Waiting… Impatiently

– Jinx? I wanted to ask you something… can you come pick me up at the airport tomorrow?
– In the afternoon? Yes, I think I can do that, why?
– Well… I kinda missed you, and I’d love to see you. Besides, the idea of you driving me home….
– I’ll be there. See you tomorrow, sexy.

So he likes the idea of me playing his chauffeur? But I don’t always drive my sexy little girly car…. I’ll pick him up, sure… but he may be surprised!

Skin by Illusory
Tattoo HUZ Tattoos (out soon)
Helmet & dust mask by Hatmechanic 
Vest by Aoharu
Fishnets by Blowpop
Boots by J’s
Bike, including poses by 19MC


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