Those Red Boots

Last night, I ended up in MA’s bed again after a late night supper and a couple of drinks. Yeah, I know… too much is not good for a girl… but hey, it’s weekend, so who cares! However, I had a lot to do the next day, so despite the temptation, eventually I got up and ready to go.

“Jinx?” he asked, with that soft, but not to be ignored, voice “sit down for a moment.” and he patted on the bed. I figured that a minute more or less wouldn’t make a difference so I sat down  and asked what was bothering him. “Nothing, really” he said “you looked so beautiful tonight. I will be gone for business most of next week, but I want you to do something for me… will you do me a favor?”  Of course I would… I’d do that guy a million favors if he wanted me to, if only he would promise to ravish me again as soon as he got back from the damn business trip. “I  want you to take a good look at yourself, and throughout the week take a picture of yourself, just like this… your hair loose, naked…. with nothing on but those boots and mail that to me.”

I smiled foolishly  ”I have a better idea… I suck at taking pics, and especially of myself. Why don’t you get out of bed and take some of me. No, not here, silly… that’s no fun… let’s go outside.” I quickly put just my coat on and stuffed the rest of my clothes in my bag. He laughed and told me I was crazy while he hurried to get some pants and shoes on and within 5 minutes we were out the door.

We got off the subway at this place where we knew there was some great graffiti on the wall as well as a concentration of sleazy night clubs, so while my nudity might raise an eye brow, it was likely not to cause immediate problems. As we surfaced from the subway station, I  got nervous. Me and my drunk ideas! But there was no way back, MA was determined now to make this happen. After vainly trying to talk him out of it, eventually I quickly droppped my trenchcoat and he started to shoot, encouraged by some people passing by…. I was blushing all over my body, but luckily with the light, you don’t see that. I was glad as it was over, but also hot as hell… so end of story was that MA came back home to my place, and well… I didn’t get much done the next day.

♥, Jinx

Need to knows:

Skin & Ears by Illusory
Hair by Lamb
Tattoo by HUZ Tattoos
Prim Gloves by Miamai
Boots by Bax Coen
Background Photography by Willow Llewellyn for SL Stock Photography group on Flickr


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